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 The Rump encourages  new and developing bodies of work. We hope to  provide emerging artists with a space that allows    experimentation and growth. Rump Gallery is a roaming space, not bound by location. Originally located in Highland Park,   Richmond VA, we are  currently  an online gallery. Rump has hosted  exhibitions, performances, workshops, and lectures.  We  are currently accepting applications for our Instagram  'Show Your Stuff Off Campaign', aimed at trying to  assist artists in gaining  recognition and building their communities.


Applications are currently being accepted on a      rolling basis for 'Show Your Stuff Off'. The Rump Gallery Instagram account will use the information you provide to show off your work. If you have any questions, please reach out to  rumpgallery@gmail.com    

Apply here:   forms.gle/CD4qEiAnw61JMiVX9