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In Search of Charm:

We Were Once Proud Creatures

Westover Place

5075 Forest Hill Ave. Richmond VA

Reception: 5-8pm, April 13, 2019

On View: April 13-21, 2019

We Were Once Proud Creatures was the culmination of my practice throughout my senior year. I was hoping to immerse the audience into the space and make them question their own presence and gaze. The room is littered with clothes, masks, and skins. Its a closet, a gallery, a bathroom. The room has been painted white to hide its history, but the water damage is already seeping through.


Works on display:

11/22/18 (2019)

I Can't Wait For the Rut to Really Kick In (2019)

We Were Once Proud Creatures (2019)

many other unnamed objects, costumes, and props from other works

Mask used in I Can't Wait For The Rut To Really Kick In

Rubber, Spray Paint

Part of a costume for an upcoming project ;)

Silicone, Foam

What I like to call my 'skin suits'. This is a process in which wear a morph suit or other form fitting clothing, and paint it while on my body. The suits begin to hold my shape after a few layers, functioning like a skin or exoskeleton. The more I move around and use them, the more they crack and deteriorate; revealing the previous layers beneath.

Spandex, Acrylic, Latex

Skin suit from I Can't Wait For The Rut To Really Kick In

Skin suit (pink) from The Windmill Point Monster and Aisle Number B

11/22/18  (projected)

Plaster mixed with Oil Based Enamel

Worn Spandex Mask coated in Silicone

Wood, Wool from Hunting Hat

Antler Headband, Oil Paint, Found Employees Only Sign

Three toilets found on-site. Used as seating for the audience

My boots

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