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Atrophy Is The Only Truth

FAB 305 Gallery

1000 W Broad St, Richmond VA

Reception: 6-8pm, October 18, 2017

On View: October 15-22, 2017

Three-person exhibition with Madison Holt and Claudia Vincent. Proposal juried by Painting and Printmaking MFA students. Curated by myself.

Atrophy Is The Only Truth was a meeting point between Madison's, Claudia's, and my own practice. The exhibition featured works where the body, specifically the shortcomings, failures, and decay of the body, was on display. Exploring familial relationships, affects of disease, and self documentation; we challenged the ways bodies exist in the 2D world and attempted to form a world of simultaneous life and decay.

Works on display:

The Repo Men


Christmas Card 1998

Michael and Mr. Quiet (collaborative piece with Madison Holt)

Untitled (collaborative piece with Claudia Vincent)

Inside/Outside (left) and The Repo Men (right)

Inside/Outside detail

Christmas Card 1998 and Untitled (right; collaborative painting with Claudia Vincent)

Christmas Card 1998

Acrylic, latex, and oil on tablecloth stretched on pallet

Untitled (collaborative painting with Claudia Vincent

Untitled (left) and painting by Claudia Vincent (right)

Michael and Mr. Quiet (middle; collaborative painting with Madison Holt) and works by Madison Holt (left, right)

Michael and Mr. Quiet

Acrylic and Latex on canvas

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